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BestBuds: A Super Bowl Commercial That Made Me Cryvid

#BestBuds: A Super Bowl Commercial That Made Me Cry

I don't know what it is with today. I have an onset of feels that have been brought about by the grey skies over Los…
El Rich
El Rich Jan 30, 2014

Photo Project: Let Me Know If This Sounds Cool

Hey Buddies I'm pretty sure you have seen some of my handy werq that I have been doing with my trusty little OlloClip. If you haven't…
El Rich
El Rich Jan 28, 2014

Buzznet Storytellers Assignment #40: The First Time I Went To Space

Well, not rly. As much as I would love to go into space, I am poor and I will probably never. I did, however, get…
El Rich
El Rich Jan 27, 2014

A New You In 2014: Going Vegan

January is all about new beginnings and a new you. Many people use the beginning of a new year as a catalyst for self improvement…
El Rich
El Rich Jan 21, 2014

What New Music Are You Excited For in 2014?

Here in Buzzland, we are always looking for new music. We like to listen to everything that we can jam into our ears as we…
El Rich
El Rich Jan 20, 2014

OMG: Puppy Bowl X Is Coming

Earlier today, I met a friend at a restaurant for lunch. Naturally, all the TVs were set to football stuff and everyone around us was…
El Rich
El Rich Jan 15, 2014

Buzznet Storytellers Assignment #40: First The Worst

Guess who's the guest blogger for this 40th Buzznet Storyteller Assignment? Me! Queen of the Storytellers, Lory, asked me if I would man the helm…
El Rich
El Rich Jan 14, 2014

Would You Ever: Bizarre Vending Machines

As I was lurking around the internet today, I came across an article on Gawker which informed me that there is now a burrito vending…
12 new pics
El Rich
El Rich Jan 08, 2014

January Theme Challenge: A New You In 2014

Welcome to Januarty 2014, Buzznet! How's the year treating you thus far? Hopefully everything is awesome and the polar vortex isn't ruining your life like…
El Rich
El Rich Jan 07, 2014

Photo Safari: Rich Gets An OlloClip

Howdy Buzznet! I hope the new year is finding you well! Not much is going on with over here and that's kind of the way…
El Rich
El Rich Jan 03, 2014

What Are YOUR New Year's Resolutions?

Holy crap you guys, it's already going to be a brand spankin' new year. 2013 flew by SO FAST. It's kind of insane looking back…
El Rich
El Rich Dec 30, 2013

Afer Christmas Idea: Gift Card Art

I hope you all are having a most wonderful time of the year. Since Christmas is now over and we are all sad, we can…
El Rich
El Rich Dec 26, 2013

Dogshaming: The Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas, internet! Hopefully by now you all have unwrapped your prezzies and are ready for a Christmas feast. With so much excitement and things…
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El Rich
El Rich Dec 25, 2013

Nom Nom Blog: Pastel Christmas Cookies

How Buzznet! How is your Christmas Eve going? I hope you and your families are doing well during the holiday. Since I cannot be where…
El Rich
El Rich Dec 24, 2013
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